Our Surveys

If you are visiting this site you have probably already decided that you cannot afford not to get a survey report as the potential cost savings (which could run into tens of thousands of pounds) far outweigh the cost of commissioning a survey (typically between £450 – £1250 depending on the property, and the service required).

We specialise in providing Level 2 and 3 surveys on residential property.

We will be happy to discuss your needs with you, and the type of property to be surveyed, to best advise you on which level of service is appropriate.

Regardless of which level of service you choose we will undertake in-depth research into the property prior to inspection including: an assessment of flood risk, planning history, ground conditions and previous use of the site. In line with the RPSA’s enhanced service standards we will carry out a full and thorough inspection of every property (again regardless of the service level chosen) and produce a comprehensive survey report; written in plain English, complete with multiple supporting images, and free from jargon and frustrating drag and drop standard phrases that could be applicable to any property.

Once you have received your survey, as part of the service, we are on hand to answer any questions you may regarding the report.

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